(shit) – Love and stuff

How the fuck do you love ugly? 

Life’s most beautiful desirable longed after sought bought fought for state…


Mmmm mmmmmmmmmm

Love is the goooooood stuff

But ugly can’t wear that shit!

Hell no.

Ugly can’t be its friend

Ugly couldn’t get loves number wearing full body Hollywood get up 

Not even in costume so convincing Scottish Robin Williams’ could hoover dance back into his kids lives

That man turned ugly into love!

He knew ugly better than most 

He turned that shit into laughter and courage and inspired us 

How do you love ugly, for fucks sake?!

Its hideous.

It’s the worst of everything, no?

that which isn’t good enough…

Is that it?

Is ugly the least desirable, most offensive, vastly rejected and fiercely loathed?

That sound a bit like hate to me.

And hate sure is ugly.

Is ugly quite simply everything we hate? 

No wonder its so fucking hard to love that shit.

Ugly is so superficial 

I might be ugly stood next to Naomi Campbell but my heart is purer than all that photoshop 

So many of us hate the way we look though

Because we’re ‘ugly’

Says the shiny paper 

Says bull shit typed words on computer screens 

Says falsified pictures the models don’t even look like

Says the people who feel so little beauty in their hearts that they need to tell us we are ugly so they have enough money to pretend they aren’t just as self-loathing as they made us 

We are not fucking ugly!


Maybe some of us are…

We behave that way from time to time

Time to time being most of the time for some that don’t have eyes to see 

Were we born ugly?

Any of us?

I think we were born pure

And whole

I think we were born as love personified

I think we stayed pure if we were loved enough

I think we can return to pure if we are loved enough

I don’t think any of us are loved enough!!

I think we all could love more too.

I don’t know how you love ugly

I don’t know how you love hate

I just know that nothing is ugly when you learn how to love it

And I know hate cannot survive love

I know nothing starts out ugly

It just gets that way because we don’t fight the darkness that cripples or sucks dry or devours hope

We don’t fight the darkness.

But I don’t know how you fight with love!

How do you fight with love? 

I don’t even know how to write anymore!



Is a verb

Love is a doing word

But so is fight!

We cannot fight with love.

It doesn’t even make sense! 

They are completely opposed.

So how the fuck do you love ugly?

How do you love hate?

Wherever hate is pointing, heading or dwelling

Whatever its covering or hiding or destroying

Send love there.

Send so much fucking love there that the hate can’t even get a look in

Upset the fucking balance! 

You don’t fight ugly or hate with love

You just stand love in front of everything 

Like a big fuck off wall

Only not around mexico 

Around everything that ever suffered and started behaving like its ugly and hateful

Shine a light on it

If our kids do wrong we don’t stop loving them

We try and love them back together again

We don’t fight them

Well, we shouldn’t and maybe that explains where people like Trump come from

You stop Trumps with a big fuck off wall of love that hate and ugly cannot penetrate 

This is the SHITTEST poem I ever fucking wrote 

And I cried the whole way through 

I have lost my voice when I need it the most to shout out against all the things that are wrong

Against all the things we should have learned by now

Against the hate and the ugly that is within and all around me…. Around you…

The stuff that lives where love was always meant to go…

We cannot lose our voice.

We must speak up

Even if it sounds shit!

We cannot afford to be silent this time

There is too much at stake.

Choose love.

Find a way.

It’s the ONLY way.