For two…My men… Once more

For my men

Not for too many men

Just to my two

But mostly for you

I keep meeting more of myself!

My eyes

Once blinded by willful ignorance

Now wiped clean 

No more guilt 

No more remorse

Though centuries of shit and shadow smeared across my face 

Just so you could see my soul was sorry

I looked exactly the same as when I wore bruises I blamed all the others for


I keep meeting more of myself

I did all the damage!

It was never their sword

It was mine all along

A warrior Princess


Heart hungry

Fierce, feisty, fuckwithery! 


It flooded out

It flooded all the way out!

An Irish sea pouring into my heart

Betrayal drowning out patriotic passion from the bottom of my soul

I felt it all chaotically explode 

Your world

Their world…

I felt the hollow deepen with every step I trod throughout history

My damage deserved to come home to my own heart

I hope its freed you now I own it again

Treacherous treason

Warrior waster

Petulant pissant

Greedy, guilty, 


No regard to moral value

All responsibility recklessly abandoned 

I plunged MY sword in to YOUR heart

Brazen audacity carried your wounds as my own

Not just for a while but forever!

Year after year and life into life

I still loved you

I just didn’t know why

And also not in the way that I used to then

I didn’t deserve your kindnesses 

Now I understand the debt it took me to now to repay

Now you’re free!

Now you’re free and my flight of fancy is fighting fit again

Now I can cast my lucky charms for brave heart to rectify the rest



How did now become so heavily dependent on then?

All of space and time has codependency issues, man!

It is nuts


We are free now! 

Both of us

I love this shit!